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An iconic spin on a classic gift!

Chances are, you know someone with a dick. And chances are, they're going to love this gift!

We know you're looking for a way to make him laugh! Here's your chance to blow his mind and make his friends jealous AF

Find an excuse to bring your Not a Pussy mug to school, to work, and see all the priceless reactions people give you

Like taking pictures of your food? This mug is the perfect aesthetic for any breakfast. Enjoy the perfect meal with a bowl of Cheerios, pajamas, and your Not A Pussy mug

Product specs
Weight: 12 ounces. Volume: 11 oz. Size: 3.10"W X 3.75"H X 3.15"B. Material: ceramic. Color: white


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An iconic spin on a classic gift!

Not a pussy father's day mug

So they're not a not a mug person..

You didn’t think it could get better than the mug did you? Well it can. We have a shot glass too. That’s right, can you really think of any two things that go better together than ‘not a pussy’ printed clear on a shot glass?

Are they not about that mug life? We fully understand.. well are they about that vodka life? That whiskey life? It doesn't matter. That AA program they went to probably didn't work

Make their shot glass collection stand out! Nothing attracts eyes quite like pussy printed on glass!

Product specs
Weight: 3 ounces. Volume: 1.75 oz. Size: 2" W x 2.25" H. Material: glass. Color: clear


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Or maybe he's not a mug person..

Not a pussy father's day shot glass

It's Better than Good

It's Great!

Can't decide which one's better?

(Then get both, plus 15% off each!)

mug and shot glass

Combine the elements into one master gift

Create the perfect routine! We recommend using the coffee mug in the morning and the shot glass before bed

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